Deathstroke Mask

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3D printed Deathstroke Mask

The mask made out of bio-friendly PLA (Polylactic Acid) plastic and is accomplished by printing plastic layer by layer, very slowly. PLA is considered the most 'earth friendly' plastic since it is 100% biodegradable and not toxic.

We use high quality printing options with a large infill and out perimeter shells models. This mask is printed in 1 piece so it is extremely sturdy and does not require gluing parts together. The mask is sold unfinished which allows you (if you choose) to paint it any color you wish.

Features/Specifications below:

  • Printed in 1 piece and is unfinished
  • Extremely detailed mask/cowl for your Deathstroke Cosplay
  • Very Sturdy
  • Prints in BLACK by default. If you would like a different color, please reach out to me
  • Please note that because the crown of the mask is spherical, there may be some rough layers during the printing process. This can be easily fixed by sanding, priming, or filling with wood filler/puddy/bondo.

Feel free to message me with any questions. Please allow me up to 3 days to make the mask.

* Credit goes to Killonious over at