Long Blonde Lace-Front Wig

Aesthetic Cosplay LLC


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Long Blonde 100% Synthetic Cosplay Wig - Lace Front, Heat Resistant Under 160F- High Density, Soft and Realistic!

This beautiful wig is perfect for cosplay or everyday wear due to its realistic look and lace-front finish that will blend in seamlessly with your real hair line!


✔︎ Lace-front design for a natural hairline finish. Just cut along the lace to fit to your hairline, glue down with wig glue, and blend with a similar pigment of shadow!
✔︎ 100% Synthetic fibers. High density wig that will look like your natural hair! Minimal shedding. Heat resistant up to 160 degrees fahrenheit. 
✔︎ Adjustable net with combs to fit and adhere to all head sizes and hair types! Recommended to use with a wig cap.
✔︎ 22" for a long, flowing, fashionable look!

Important Information:

✔︎ It is recommended that you brush out the wig with a wig brush right after unpackaging and once more after fitting it to your head to ensure a tangle-free look!
✔︎ Hand-wash only with wig shampoo and conditioner. Comb first to untangle, soak, wash with shampoo, soak again, add conditioner, soak once more and dry into the same style.

Item Includes:

✔︎ SET INCLUDES: One (1) 100% Synthetic, Lace-Front Long Blonde Cosplay Wig